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Experts may argue that to be an effective attorney you may need to have a solid education, proven experience in the court room, the right case with the right evidence, or the right client. While each of these attributes are certainly important predictors of an outcome, successful attorneys all have one common denominator. They are expert communicators in the courtroom.

Successful attorneys have mastered the ability to effectively tell a story (present the evidence) in a way which is appealing to the audience (persuading the judge or jury) and leaves no room for alternate theories (shut down the opposition). Those that are fortunate to hire an attorney who is an expert communicator in the courtroom will always have a better outcome than an attorney who has not mastered this skill set.

What do you do if you are an attorney who may have not yet have mastered this skill? What if you are an attorney with limited practice in the courtroom? What if you are a seasoned veteran in the courtroom and you and your opponent both have mastered this skill? What if your case is convoluted, complex or the evidence may be confusing to the judge or jury for their deliberation? This is where Investigative Logistics can provide you with the resources to improve your outcome.



Investigative logistics is a private firm providing logistical services to attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and other legal professionals. Located in Upstate New York, our team provides services throughout the Northeast with numerous clients in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. We are not attorneys. We are not investigators. We are an experienced team of professionals who excel in the areas of marketing, technology integration and project management.

Since 2015, we have worked on behalf of prosecutors, plaintiffs and defendants. We collaborate with our clients to assist with case research, strategy and marketing. In short we help you market or sell your case to the judge or jury. Every situation is different. We help clients evaluate the evidence and how it may be perceived, evaluate or develop a strategy or message and help you develop or refine a marketing plan and supporting materials to ultimately deliver your message in the most effective way. If you are a firm simply looking for help developing courtroom exhibits or need assistance with the delivery of your message we can help you as well.

Our team and network of professionals have many of years of combined experience in many different career fields allowing us the ability to bring value to a large spectrum of cases. Even the most experienced counsel can benefit from our assistance and/or products. From case or evidence review, teleforensics, accident reconstruction or problematic public relations and marketing we have the resources to develop a solution for you.


Specialized Consulting

  • Case Research & Review
  • Strategy Development
  • Audience Identification and Assessment
  • Message Development & Implementation
  • Case Review and Organization

Case Preparation

  • Interactive mapping
  • Research and reports utilizing the web
  • Video & Audio Redaction Services
  • Scene Photography & Video Acquisition
  • Drone Video & Photography
  • Video Depositions (Office, Hospital, other Locations)
  • Multimedia exhibits
  • “Day in the Life” videos

Courtroom Productions

  • Static Display Boards
  • Video Editing & Production
  • Digital Audio Enhancement
  • Custom PowerPoint Design & Development
  • Use of technology in the courtroom
  • Electronic Media support of witness testimony
  • Technology Integration

Expert Review & Testimony

  • Medical Chart Review
  • Cellular Telephony & Teleforensics
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Major Case Evaluation
  • Problematic Marketing & Public Relations

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